Shaina Koren is your storytelling guide. She leads you through the story mapping process to begin. During production Shai brings together artists and creatives whose areas of genius and skill sets match your projects needs. Her approach is guided by values, deeper stories, and connection to your audience and goals.

She has extensive experience in productions including: Documentary, Live events, Corporate/Commercial, Functional, Reality TV, Short Films, and Youtube content. Her background in editing and cinematography aids her ability to Direct and Produce with efficiency and creativity at the forefront.

Recent work is featured below.


Brand Storytelling

Hi, I’m Shai ✨ I can’t wait to hear your story. All projects start with a Story Mapping Session.


Shaina is an award-winning Director and Producer whose past work has streamed on Netflix, NBCSports, in-flight on Delta Airlines, used in university research studies, and has been featured in hundreds of schools and theaters around the world.

She is a conversational interviewer, a team player, an organized and positive leader, and a visionary storyteller. She is curious, joyful and dedicated to her craft.

She is a proud Duke – graduating cum laude from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts & Design with a Digital Video & Cinema focus and minors in Film Studies and Anthropology.

Shai grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. When she’s not working, she enjoys time in nature, traveling, and yoga.


“Remotes” TV Pilot | Producer, Camera Operator, Assistant Editor

When it comes to Shaina, it’s tough to know where to begin because she brings so much to the equation. I met Shaina through a colleague, and we immediately clicked. I quickly realized that I could count on her to be a large part of the project, which happened to be a television pilot, than I imagined.

Her skills as a producer proved invaluable, from coordinating with other production teams to organizing customs documents for international travel/production. She was also instrumental during pre-production with concept design and logistics.

When we reached principal photography, Shaina’s experience as a documentary filmmaker emerged immediately on set, not only in her creative composition as a cinematographer but in her ability to see narrative elements that I could not. She’s always providing that additional perspective which enriched the whole project and gave me extra bandwidth as a director.

Shaina is as much a team leader as a team player, connecting easily with the cast and crew around her. Her experience also helped when it came to troubleshooting hardware, software, and logistical issues that we had to deal with in a high-pressure environment. Shaina continued to be an invaluable teammate in post-production as an assistant editor, thought partner, and creative force.

Last but not least, it’s Shaina’s attitude that shined throughout this 6-month production. She is always searching for ways to improve the project, from the smallest detail to the tallest goals. Everyone around her is made better by her positive, “can-do” energy, which is in short supply in this stressful, hectic, and fast-paced passion we all love.

Ultimately, there are very few things in life that I would just say, “go for it”, sight unseen, without thinking twice, but hiring Shaina to be your teammate is one of them.

– Jarred Moore, Director
“Superminority” Docu-series | Director of Photography

Shaina served as the Director of Photography for Superminority, a documentary series I directed in North Carolina in 2018.  Shaina was a joy to work with and I can’t recommend her services enough.  She has a true passion for shooting and is constantly looking to capture the story in the most beautiful and effective way possible.  In addition to her commitment to her craft, her positive attitude was a huge contributor to the success of the project.

Superminority follows first-time, female candidates for the N.C. House of Representatives and required a dynamic and ever-changing shooting environment.  During our three months together in North Carolina, seemingly nothing could dampen Shaina’s enthusiasm for and commitment to this project, not even our grueling shooting schedule, a hurricane, extremely hot and humid weather, or bedbugs.  Some days involved 15+ hours of practically non-stop verite shooting, where Shaina performed tirelessly and flawlessly.  On days where we could take the time to capture establishing shots and b-roll, Shaina was an endless source of creativity and shooting ideas.  She was always game to try new things and more than willing to spend her little time off researching equipment or shooting techniques that could enhance the project.  While Shaina takes direction extremely well, she also doesn’t hesitate to make shooting suggestions that she thinks would better serve the project, for which I am grateful.

Very quickly into the shoot, I felt that we had established a strong partnership and I knew I could count on her make our stories truly shine.  I am so thankful that Shaina served as DP on this project, and I am always looking for more opportunities to work with her.


-Hilary Linder, Peabody Award-Winning Director/Producer, Indivisible, Muji Blades, Superminority
“So I married myself” Documentary shoot | Director of Photography

I hired Shaina to help produce and DP a remote interview for my upcoming documentary. Not only did she and her crew drive several hours to Maryland early in the morning to set-up, but they did a fantastic job, with Shaina even taking gorgeous behind the scenes photos, on top of managing a camera and engaging with me on Zoom. Afterwards as I was trying to download all the footage online, she worked diligently to ensure everything was transferred properly, including taking the time to send me video messages to troubleshoot. Shaina is talented both as a producer and DP and immensely kind. I immediately trusted her from the get go and was delighted with the opportunity to engage her talent.

-Amen Jafri, Director/Producer, So I Married Myself

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