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We’ve produced hundreds of videos for our partners including branded content, recruitment videos, workshops and conferences production, social media series, short documentaries, advertisements, and more.

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Intro Film // About Us

The team at Heroic Voice Academy helps train leaders and change makers to use their voice to powerfully communicate their values, vision and vows. Students of Heroic Voice learn to speak with precision, emotion, and connection. We made sure their mission and these connections were reflected in their introductory “About Us” film.

Short Film // Branded Content

PER4MAX wanted to connect with one of their core audiences while celebrating their story and raising awareness. We’ve worked with the team at PER4MAX for years, and know first-hand how they match the gold medal quality of their product in their commitment to their community. Rather than creating an ad or commercial about their custom wheelchairs, they invested in telling the story the San Diego Wolfpack, an all-veteran wheelchair basketball team with origins in the Naval Medical Center Wounded Warrior Battalion.

Advertising // Brand Awareness

We created a series of web and social advertisements for Per4max Wheelchairs including a 60 second, 30 second, and 15 second ad spot to be used in various distribution. The ad series celebrates 20 years in business for the American-made wheelchair company. These videos have found numerous uses and opportunities to repurpose them.

Educational Video Series

Discover America’s Past-time like never before! In an effort to raise the profile of Wheelchair Softball, we collaborated on two shoots for the National Wheelchair Softball Association, including this 10-part educational video series educating new players, fans and organizers on the basics of how to play the sport of wheelchair softball. The other part of the project was producing a short film around the 2017 World Series Championship.

Public Speaking

After all the work she put into training for her speech at DISRUPT HR, Kelly wanted a polished video to expand the reach impact of her speech. We filmed with multiple cameras and utilized her presentation slides to put together a video she was proud to share with colleagues, friends and event organizers who can tap her to take the stage for their organization.

Music Video

Just because I’m rolling, don’t tell me what I can’t do. Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas is an artist out of Pompano Beach, Florida who was featured in our award-winning documentary “The Rebound” that premiere on Netflix in 2019. We collaborated on this branded music video to celebrate his music and the message.

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