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We’re redistributing THE REBOUND with FilmHUB, but need your support for costs like insurance and promotion. Help us revive The Rebound by contributing or simply sharing the film link with friends, ensuring this incredible story reaches audiences once more.


The Ask: We are redistributing The Rebound! In 2020, our distribution company stopped paying royalties but thankfully they agreed to return our film rights to us. Unfortunately, this meant they pulled the film from iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and all the platforms we had worked so hard to get the film onto. It’s been a long road to independently create and distribute The Rebound, but the impact is WORTH IT.

We are currently working with FilmHUB to republish The Rebound on all platforms that will accept it. We are hoping at a minimum to get it on Amazon so that it’s available for people to discover again!

Along with this comes costs, including insurance (last time this cost was around $2,000), creative checks and reviews and our Business managers time to go through the submission process, then promote and let everyone know it’s back online.

There have been so many people who have supported this journey and we are so grateful. If you can support this effort, please do. If not, send the film link to some friends when it goes live and celebrate with us. We appreciate you.

Have you seen the film? 

The Rebound is an award-winning documentary that has created impact world-wide. Currently you can rent/buy the film here:

Watch The Rebound Trailer #2

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