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About the film

A humble midwestern basketball junkie with high expectations riding on her shoulders, Rose balances her commitments to Team USA, competing as a student-athlete, and finishing her schooling to become a first-generation college graduate.

Honoring the oath of strong woman Paralympians before her and the equity they have fought for, Rose forges a new path into professional wheelchair ball abroad in the male-dominated league.

When the pandemic hits and challenges rise abroad, Rose pushes forward towards her dreams of back-to-back Paralympic gold in Tokyo.

Seamlessly incorporated are perspectives from influential female leaders and Paralympians including Ann Cody, Stephanie Wheeler, Alana Nichols and more.

A sneak peek

As featured in the NBC Tokyo 2020 Paralympics live broadcast, and NBC Sports Youtube Channels.

Special thanks to Per4max Wheelchairs for supporting this project.

Cover photo by Danny Chin or Michael A. Clubine, Wheelchair Sports Federation

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A common challenge in our industry is securing the financial backing and distribution to make great films and get them in front of the right audiences. There are barriers we must overcome as artists to gain access to studios, streaming platforms, and investors for documentaries. This is especially true for independent artists sharing stories of underrepresented communities.

Our creative team has invested years of dedication, sweat equity and our own money into this film. We started filming in 2018 and are currently halfway to completing this movie. And we’re asking for your help through the finish line.

“Unlike news clips and social media, documentary film prompts viewers to engage and act by building empathy and involving the audience directly…creating connections and relatedness, and inspiring paradigm shifts.”

-Dr. Cathy McKay, James Madison University, using our film “The Rebound”

Why it matters

Representation Matters

Women with disabilities are one of the most underrepresented groups in sports and entertainment. Character-driven stories build connection around the important issues of our times, including access to equal opportunity in sports, education, and career. 


There are 1 BILLION children around the globe out of school or in remote learning environments. They need inspiring, engaging, and meaningful entertainment and educational resources.


Meet Rose Hollermann

Rose Hollermann is a three-time Paralympian (2012, 2016, 2020) and gold medalist (2016). She plays professionally in the Men’s International League for ADM Econy in the Canary Islands. Rose graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Arlington where she led her collegiate wheelchair basketball team to multiple national championships.

In 2001, Hollermann and her family were involved in a car accident that took the lives of two of her brothers and caused her to be partially paralyzed from the waist down. As part of her rehabilitation, she was introduced to swimming at the Courage Center in Minneapolis. From there, she tried sled hockey, track and field, archery, cross-country skiing and wheelchair basketball. She discovered her talent and passion for wheelchair basketball and started playing basketball in 2004 for a club team in Minnesota. In 2011, she became one of the youngest players on the U.S. women’s wheelchair basketball team at age 15.

NBC Fort Worth

The Team

We are an award-winning independent filmmaking team with seasoned creators.

We lead with impact. Our documentary The Rebound has played at 150+ community and educational screenings, won awards and recognition at numerous film festivals including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award, and premiered to millions of subscribers on Netflix and Delta Airlines.

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