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New original series on the process of training our minds.


Moving Minds is a new documentary series exploring the foundations of mental skills training. Guided by mental skills coach Graham Betchart, the series is a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to train the mind in real life with pro athletes like Aaron Gordon throughout a historic season.

Tap in with world class coaches, athletes, and creators who break down the foundations and principles that top performers use including mindfulness, visualization, and positive self talk. Witness transformation as they harness the power of the mind and share that gift with the world.

Every person should have access to these skills to live in the present and perform at their best.


Mike Esposito, Producer
Ardees Rabang, Producer

Our mission is to increase access to mental skills training.

We’re experiencing rising interest in mindfulness and the self-care movement. Sports is a familiar vehicle to help normalize mental skills training and spark healthy conversation about mental wellness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health, particularly on that of young people. Study (

“We see increased depression and anxiety in all age groups, but in adolescence it’s on steroids,” says Robin Gurwitch, psychologist and professor at Duke University Medical Center.  Source (Time) 

Moving Minds is an opportunity to give access and inspire millions to train their minds.


Meet Graham Betchart

Graham Betchart is one of the world’s leading mental performance coaches. His mission is to bring mental training to the masses so that anyone (not just pro athletes and CEOs) can learn to perform better, and experience more joy in the process.

Graham is the author of Play Present: A Mental Skills Training Program for Basketball Players. He has worked with some of the NBA’s best athletes including Aaron Gordon, Ben Simmons, Karl Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins (to name a few) and professional organizations such as True Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and the Utah Jazz.


Where are we in the process?

  • Actively welcoming financing, sales and distribution opportunities.
  • We’re open to like-minded Executive Producers, co-productions, and partnership inquiries.
  • Production 80% complete; 130+ hours documentary/verite footage logged with featured talent
  • Participation from key talent
  • Complementary creative and distribution partners attached

Artistic Approach

Creating an experience for audiences to breathe, learn and share the experience of being present.

Character-driven Storytelling

Our genuine relationships and cinema vérité style gives our featured talent permission to be themselves and serve as guides. Viewers develop connections through intimate conversations, meditations and mental training in action – normalizing a rarely seen process.

Animation and Archival

2D animation and archival footage transport audiences through time and space to real life moments where mindset plays a pivotal role. Motion graphics expand mental skills concepts and visualize the extraordinary world of the conscious mind.

Immersive Audio Magic

An original sonic experience designed by our world class partners at Skywalker Sound helps viewers lock in, breathe, and visualize the practices seen on-screen.


The Team

We are an award-winning independent filmmaking team with seasoned creators who have worked for Lucasfilm, Disney, and CBS Interactive.

We lead with impact. Our documentary The Rebound has played at 150+ community and educational screenings, won awards and recognition at numerous film festivals including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award, and premiered to millions of subscribers on Netflix and Delta Airlines.

The mental skills trainers in front of the camera have dedicated their lives to this work. This is an extension of the impact they’ve collectively had on the sports world for over a decade.

Filmmakers Statement

We met Graham over dinner and instantly connected with his journey and approach to proactively training our minds. As filmmakers we channel our experiences – as athletes, advocates, and entrepreneurs – into our work.

The stories that draw us in are ones that unknowingly we need in our own lives. Graham has dedicated his life to share mental skills training, practices that allow us to deal with challenges, live in the present, and perform at our best. Living through a global pandemic and heart-breaking epidemic of suicide, depression, and anxiety, we realize now more than ever how important it is to serve the world with this series Moving Minds. Will you join us? 

Mike Esposito & Shaina Allen

Multi-platform Distribution

Mainstream Distribution

  • Streaming On Demand (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, OTT)
  • International TV and Video On Demand
  • Airline Distribution


  • Film festivals
  • Conferences and community screenings
  • Partner activations


  • K-12 educational version and curriculum will reach 6M+ students, teachers, and parents in 40+ countries
  • College and University distribution

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Mike Esposito, Producer
Ardees Rabang, Producer