A brand film for a yoga studio that lives and breathes community.

Our goal was to create an introductory brand film for FlyDog Yoga that effectively communicates the story of the company and shows how it is a much more than a yoga studio – it’s a down-to-earth community and a path to personal empowerment.

The keywords we focused every decision around were: empower, community, and unique.


Empowers students and teachers to be the best version of themselves, always growing and improving in practice and in the studio. FlyDog allows individuals the space and workout they need to be broken down and built back up again, to find out answers to those deeper questions “Who I am? What am I doing?”.

Whether it’s for the first time yogi’s, parents, kids and teens, someone overcoming injury, a veteran, a college athlete who hasn’t found their place outside of their competitive sport now that it’s ended, or a experienced yogi getting teacher training for the first time – the FlyDog style has something for everyone at an affordable price.


FlyDog has created a space that fosters community, friendships, personal and group growth, and leadership. The studio has made Charlottesville a yogi destination through community events, meetings, teacher training, and in-studio workshops.

We knew we would want to include imagery and interview questions relating to the sunset at carters mountain events, after class conversations, and other special events Flydog fosters.


This husband and wife team had felt something was missing from their Charlottesville Yoga experience. They wanted to create an authentic yoga studio that is blue-collar, down-to-earth and affordable – a place where yoga becomes accessible to everyone with a space that allows people to be seen.

This influenced many creative decisions throughout the pre, production, and post process including the final narrative.