Ézé: Short Film

The Film Concept

The short film is a blend of documentary and photo-storytelling utilizing Ézé’s incredible body of work from a decade of photojournalism in Charlottesville, Virginia, including his Cville Everyday People series, a KKK rally, the events of August 11th and 12th 2017, the 2020 BLM protest, the monument removals, and a photography project 5 years in the making. We will also dive into his creative process and his life as a father and black man in a historically racist town. 

Project Stage – In development

We have completed primary production and are seeking resources to enter into further story development and the post production process.

We are in search of collaborators who are passionate about this project and want to join our team.

  1. EP/Producer(s): Primarily focused on grant-writing, partnerships, fundraising, film festival submissions
  2. Post Production Personnel: Audio Mixer, Colorist, Graphics/Titles, Music/Scoring
  3. Distribution Partners

“Unlike news clips and social media, documentary film prompts viewers to engage and act by building empathy and involving the audience directly…creating connections and relatedness, and inspiring paradigm shifts.”

-James Madison University, using our film “The Rebound”