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Breaking the mold has been a signature of Alana’s story her entire life. 6-time Paralympic medalist, advocate, and radical human Alana Nichols takes on her greatest challenge yet, becoming a mother. FORGED IN THE FIRE explores the previously untold story of Alana’s life and rise to athletic greatness through a painful path that forged her resilience.


Forged in the Fire is a hybrid documentary film combining a blend of cinema verite style documentary footage, powerful archival, and inviting 2D animation. The film weaves together a journey through pain, triumph and life’s precious moments.

Alana Nichols and I are co-writing the animation scenes, deeply connecting the audience with her authentic experience.

I envision a world where stories of people with disabilities are equitably represented. 20% of all humans identify as disabled, yet the few disability stories made are often reduced to tropes of inspiration.

We focus on Alana as an extraordinary human and disability is a part of her life. Just like all the other ways she identifies – sister, athlete, leader, advocate, and now mother. Her journey is one to fully love and accept herself as she makes the next pivotal transition in her life.

– Shaina Allen, Director & Co-Writer


Shaina Allen, Director
Alana Nichols, Writer

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Meet Alana Nichols

Alana Nichols is a six-time Paralympic medalist with a passion for challenging herself and others. From a young age, her passion for sports and adventure has driven her and no matter what obstacle life throws her way, she takes a challenge head on. After suffering a spinal cord injury at age 17 while attempting a backflip on her snowboard, Alana quickly transitioned to adaptive sports. She is the first American female to win gold medals at both Summer (Wheelchair Basketball) and Winter (Alpine Ski Racing) Olympic/Paralympic Games.

Alana graduated from University of Arizona with an Education degree and obtained her Master’s in Kinesiology from University of Alabama. She has over ten years of public speaking and speech writing experience. Alana has served on the board at EspnW, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and as the President of the Women’s Sport Foundation. She has appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Katie Couric Show, Wake Up with Al, and The Today Show.

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Why it matters

Representation Matters

The world needs to see more women with disabilities becoming mothers and challenging the status quo. Authentic stories build connection around the important issues of our times.


Now more than ever, children need inspiring, engaging, and meaningful entertainment and educational resources.


Where are we in the process?

  • Actively welcoming financing, sales and distribution opportunities.
  • We’re open to like-minded Executive Producers, co-productions, and partnership inquiries.
  • Production 80% complete; 130+ hours documentary/verite footage logged with featured talent
  • Participation from key talent
  • Complementary creative and distribution partners attached

The Team

We are an award-winning independent filmmaking team with seasoned creators who have worked for Lucasfilm, Disney, and CBS Interactive.

We lead with impact. Our documentary The Rebound has played at 150+ community and educational screenings, won awards and recognition at numerous film festivals including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award, and premiered to millions of subscribers on Netflix and Delta Airlines.


Multi-platform Distribution

Mainstream Distribution

  • Streaming On Demand (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, OTT)
  • International TV and Video On Demand
  • Airline Distribution


  • Film festivals
  • Conferences and community screenings
  • Partner activations


  • K-12 educational version and curriculum will reach 6M+ students, teachers, and parents in 40+ countries
  • College and University distribution

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Shaina Allen, Director/Writer
Alana Nichols, Writer

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