Madison & Steven

Dear Madison and Steven,

Your presence in our lives is a gift we’re grateful for this year.

When you made the difficult choice to postpone your May wedding and instead chose an intimate ceremony in Charlottesville, we knew we wanted to help you share the joy of your wedding experience with all your other loved ones and guests who missed out on the big Houston shin-dig.

We’re moments away from re-living that beautiful day.

Love and peace, Shai, Mike & Keiko

Wedding Highlight

To all of Madison & Steven’s loved ones joining us here,

THANK YOU for enjoying these videos with us. These films are our gifts to our dear friends, and yours.

We are grateful for you being here and enjoying our work.

As filmmakers and small business owners, we got our filmmaking start in weddings, but are now focused on producing independent social impact documentaries.

If you enjoy our work and the heart behind it, please consider joining our Field Notes newsletter to get updates on our films and when you can watch them.

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Wedding Ceremony