Guided by top mental skills coach Graham Betchart and mindful athlete Aaron Gordon, Moving Minds is a new documentary series exploring the foundations of mental skills training and how to harness the powers of our minds to be more focused, present, and resilient.

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Evergrain is an independent studio producing and distributing bold, impactful, original stories for TV, film and digital channels. 

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Led by an experienced leadership team with years of experience at Lucasfilm, Disney, Apple, and CBS Interactive, Evergrain is a growing collective of artists and change makers harnessing the power of character-driven stories and immersive experiences to address social issues. 

Our team produces a small slate of original films and series, as well as providing creative and execution on collaborative film and commercial work.


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Evergrain’s original documentary THE REBOUND received 8 awards among 20+ film festivals including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award, Best Documentary, Audience Choice Award, and more. It has been enjoyed at over 120+ U.S. and international screenings, premiered on NETFLIX (2019), and is currently featured on Delta Airlines (2020). 


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Check out our work in progress and current collaboration opportunities including a  new original documentary series featuring Aaron Gordon and Graham Betchart’s journey to harness the power of mental skills training.

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The Rebound has played at 120+ community and educational screenings, won awards and recognition at numerous film festivals including the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award, streaming premiere on Netflix, and is being utilized as a tool in academic research studies at James Madison University.

Among the Heat Wheels, passion and drive are abundant, but the team’s dwindling checkbook threatens to cut short its attempt to win their first national championship. Athletes Mario, Jeremie and Orlando rally their team through the season while confronting adversity on and off the court, as the team pushes their way towards the title in the tension-riddled conclusion where they prove that no matter the challenges, it’s all about how you rebound that counts.