Welcome to Evergrain Field Notes

Field Notes are personal notes from our filmmaking team to you, sent via email (for now) and never spammy. It’s our most direct way of communicating with you, especially when social media can be a distracting place.

As artists we are venturing deep into stories untold to amplify diverse voices. We breathe life into creative visions, and this is our way of sharing the process with you.

We’ll also share some valuable lessons and resources we discover along the way. Sometimes the journey is messy and unplanned, too. That’s part of what makes it a story worth sharing.

Evergrain team is actively working on three compelling new stories in various stages of production. In the coming months we’ll experience them come to life.

Movie premieres, conversations sparked, lives impacted.

Grateful you are here and we hope you’ll join us. Questions? Get in touch today.

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